Dynamos Ultras to Delhi United

(Credits :Amogh Jain)

The dynamos ultras supporting DUFC

Rumors had started to float around by the second half of the 18/19 season. According to them, Delhi Dynamos would shift its base to Odisha next season. A sense of fear was beginning to rise in our minds. We were all worried that the club which had become like a family to us would get dissolved by the end of the season. Time passed by and the rumors kept on growing. As a desperate effort to save our club, we launched the campaign ‘#SAVEDDFC’. After a while, it was more or less evident that the club would change to Odisha FC and move to Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar. Our fears turned into reality. Devastated by the news, we never let the feeling of disappointment get to us. When everybody thought Dynamos Ultras had become a lost cause, we never gave up on ourselves. We believed that hard work pays off. Due to our constant efforts, Football Delhi has handed us the management of Delhi United FC.

Growing up we fell in love with European football. Watching the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho, Scholes, Xavi, and Kaka left us in awe. We always dreamt of watching them play live in front of us. Delhi Dynamos fulfilled our dreams by bringing in Alessandro Del Piero, Roberto Carlos, Florent Malouda, and GianlucaZambrotta over the years. Meeting these legends and watching them play week in week out gave us joy like nothing ever will. In just five years Delhi Dynamos had become more than a family to us. From celebrating the festivals to crying after losing a match, the bond between the club and us had become a special one. We indeed shared some beautiful moments which we will cherish for life.

It is always hard to lose something you love but despite the pain, one has to move on. We got past the sorrow and took it upon ourselves to change the face of football in Delhi. Football in Delhi has had a downfall lately. Low attendance and pollution in the winters were part of the reasons for which Delhi Dynamos left the capital city. Now, with the management of Delhi United FC in our hands we aim to change things for the better. A big thanks to President of Football Delhi, Shaji Prabhakaran who has provided us with the opportunity to bring the glory days back to Delhi. Our idea would be to make the concept of fans managing a football club reach out to more and more people in the city. The road ahead is tough but so is our mentality. 


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