The CITYZENS rule again !

Man City clashed with Fulham FC in the FA Cup on 26th January (sunday) . In the 4th round of the FA Cup .
Interestingly Fulham FC went down to a 10 men as T. Ream received a red card in the initial 6 minutes of the game for pulling Gabriel Jesus in the 18 yards box.

Gunogan took a shot past the goalkeeper leading the CITIZENS through the penalty.

Gundogan celebrating the goal

Soon the lead was extended further by amazing skill by Bernardo Silva in the 19th minute .

Bernardo Silva against Fulham FC

The 1st half ended with more or less both teams performing well except for the score line where Manchester City leaded by 2-0

In the second half Man City mostly had the possession and in a passage of three minutes Gabriel scored twice to lead Man City by 4-0 .

The match also showed a significant performance by Phil Foden , the young gun had an assist to his name and also tried many times to score !
David Silva’s presence just added to Foden’s performance as an individual in the mid field
Leroy was out because of his long going injury vut would soon return on field according to Man City sources .

Now Man City have secured there position for the next round and will complete the other side of Manchester in the Manchester derby on wednesday with the Red Devils.
This would be the second leg with Manchester City already leading by 3-1 in the Friday leg .

The Manchester Derby !


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